jeudi, 16 août 2018

Newt Gingrich, the other Herman Cain playboy

After Newt Gingrich’s second wife revealing to ABC News and to the Washington Post the choice of an open marriage his former husband proposed her, nobody could expect Newt Gingrich to confess his past cynical proposal to his wife. Not in the yesterday debate, may be after, down the road in the campaign trail, he will admit that something resonating as an ultimatum to his second wife : "either accept this, dear Marianne who wants me all for yourself or a divorce". Times ago, the late Princess Diana refused the same offer from her Prince. "I need a Chevrolet and you are a Jaguar", references of Gingrich words comparing his previous wife, Marianne, to his actual wife. Wifes and cars, the uterin symbol has got its golden age.

Also, there is another story of uterin cancer - related to his first wife - concerning Newt Gingrich which is not clear at this stage. He will have to clear it out for his remaining time in the competition. No matter the results of South Carolina - given the hardline of the voters in the State that could bear kind of illusions Newt Gingrich is back. No matter Rick Perry strategic endorsement which is of little importance, according to the poor performances in the ongoing GOP contention for nomination. Precisely because of his strategic dimension, the endorsement lacks credibility, since It’s driven by acrimony : a poor adviser.

Of course, Rick Perry couldn’t endorse Mitt Romney. He (Mitt) represents all what he (Perry) hates. Was this a reason to make an endorsement by default ? We kiss him bye bye for his return in Texas. He should have come to this brilliant conclusion : "there was no path forward in the race" earlier before, from the "OOP’S" moment. You can’t recover from that.

Now, how many chances for Rick Perry endorsement to keep Newt Gingrich afloat from his divorces and extra-marital issues ? I mean, this is a guy who have had 6 years of unfaithful relationships and has consented telling his wife only to threaten her with an improbable choice : either you accept to share or a divorce. Compared to Herman Cain, it is even worse. Yes, Cain made the double of it - 13 years cheating over his wife - but, at soon as the revelation was made, he cut his campaign down and board a flight to discuss the matter with his wife. No one could doubt his sincerity in the process, since Ginger White admitted Cain asked her, prior to enter the competition, to end their relationship. Apparently to his lost. White would take a revenge later one, at the worst moment, when Cain was taking a decisive lead. I don’t know about you, but I feel like Cain’s departure has left the competition a little breathless with less electricity and magnetism. A Herman Cain character is missing in the GOP competition.

Cain was a Good and a sympathetic competitor, but adulterin affair put him to step aside. Newt Gingrich should think about it and realise that just saying “I’m the best to fit the Job” will not be enough to wipe off 2 divorces apparently driven in an inhumane way. Is the man heartless ? I’m afraid so.

What if other revelations are to follow, as Herman Cain endured it until the final Ginger White K.O ? Wait and See.

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